14 September 2017


 "Minimalism is a tool that can assist you in finding freedom. Freedom from fear. Freedom from worry. Freedom from overwhelm. Freedom from guilt. Freedom from depression. Freedom from the trappings of the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around. Real freedom."- The minimalists
When I first heard about Minimalism I thought it would only be about getting rid of basically everything in your room, and I honestly didn't see the sense in it haha... but when more and more people started writing and talking about it I got really interested in minimalism... 

I eventually ended up watching Annie Tarasova´s video about Minimalism and the movie Minimalism on Netflix and the next day I found myself sorting out my room and writing down how I want to spend my time in the future.
I was simply really fascinated by this kind of lifestyle and how it can simplify your life, so I wanted to give it a try:)

Even though I got rid of a loooot of stuff I realized that this isn't what Minimalism is about. Instead it's about living consciously, staying focused and being happier and free.

I often felt like I have too much to do and no time to actually do things I enjoy.
For example I always wanted to upload a blogpost ones or twice a week or I wanted to start running, and eventually take part in a marathon...but I never had time for that.

Instead I spend time on my phone, continued playing the flute, even though I didn´t enjoy it, took part in an economy contest from my school, even though I wasn´t interested in the topic at all... I´m grateful that I had all these opportunities but I´m even more grateful that I realized that I can spend my time muuuuch more wisely and that I should quit all those things haha!!

Anyways, as I said I changed some things in my life during the last month and I want to share them with you, because since than I came a lot closer to my goals and feel more relaxed, focused and in control of my life... of course I´m not a minimalism expert, these are just some small personal tips, but I hope they can help and inspire you anyway:)

1// Write only 3-10 really important things on your to-do-list instead of 20

For some people this might be a really hard thing to do, but writing only a few things on your to-do-list will make your life muuuch more easy!!
I personally always used to write a bunch of things on my to-do-list and felt the need to do them all asap, even though it was totally unrealistic... now I try to only write down the things I really really need to do and it feels soooo good to tick them all of at the end of the day:)

2// Arrange more than enough time for the really important things

On of my closest friends gave my this tip and it´s soooo amazing... you have to try it out!! Whatever you have to do, make sure to arrange more time than you need (for example if you have to do homework plan 2 instead of 1 hour)... you never know which challenges will come along the way and with some extra time you will be able to overcome them and still be relaxed and finish what you wanted/ had to do. This will seriously make you feel so much more relaxed, happy and in control of your life:)

3// If it makes you happy, do it. If it doesn´t, quit.

At first this might sound like something we´re all already doing(... I mean why should we do something we don´t enjoy?!?) but I personally noticed that I was doing quite a lot of things I didn´t enjoy and which didn´t bring me closer to my goals... probably because society expected me to do these things or I just continued doing certain activities because it was part of my routine ... for me it wasn´t easy to leave these old habits and routines behind, but it was definitely worth it, because now I have more time for the things I love and to work on my goals!!

4// Take time for yourself

This point doesn´t necessarily have to do with minimalism, but I thought that it suited into this post anyway, haha... spending some time just by my own always makes me focus on my goals and relaxed in general... I never really believed that it is important to take time for myself or to meditate but during the last month I noticed that it is super super important haha!! So if you feel stressed or you don´t really know what you actually want to do with your life, just take a step back: go for a walk, read it book or take a bath... I´m sure it will help a lot:)

5// Get rid of stuff

Okay, you don´t have to panic haha... if you want to become a minimalist you don´t have to get rid of basically all your stuff and you don´t have to end up living in a clean white appartement with almost nothing inside haha... I just want to give you the tip to get rid of all the stuff in your room/ house which you never use and that has no value for you. It´s such a good feeling to give things away and to only possess things you love and use!!

What do you think about minimalism?
Let me know if you´re interested in some further posts about this topic:)


Ohh I completely forgot... my best friend Daria just launched a blog about food, traveling and inspiration and it would mean a lot for me if you could check it out!!