16 March 2017


I´m really not that kind of person who always wears make-up but I somehow really enjoy applying some make-up and trying out new looks now and than:))
And before I´m gonna have a relaxed evening with my mom with some episodes of Gilmore Girls and maybe a piece of the banana bread I baked today (okayy haha now I actually ended up uploading this the next day...but I had a nice, chilled eve haha:)) I want to share my favorite products I use more or less every day!!
I hope you´re having a relaxed evening//day as well:)

1// Real technique brushes
Okayy you probaly have heared about these brushes 1000 times but I just have to mention them as well... I honestly will never use different brushes again!!

2// Lash curler
I simply got my lash curler from a german drugstore but it works pretty well for me... a lash curler in general is one of the most important things regarding make-up!! On those days where I have no time for applying a lot of make-up but I still want to do a little bit to my face, I just use some concealer and curl my lashes to get them into a nice shape:)

3//Catrice Liquid Camouflage
I honestly don´t know whether you can buy Catrice only in Germany or not... but anyway it´s definitely my favorite make-up brand, because most of the products have an amazing quality but are really cheap!! I simply love their concealer so if you have the opportunity to buy Catrice products, I would really recommend trying out this concealer.

4// Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
I heard a lot good stuff about this powder and when I went to the Netherlands, where they have Rimmel in drugstores, I decided to give it a try, and I will definitely buy it again when my current one is empty!!

5// Benefit Hoola Bronzer
This product is more on the piecy side and I´m pretty sure you´ve heard about it before but I have to say that I use this bronzer almost every day... it just gives my face the perfect contour and adds a little bit of color.

6// Catrice Glam& Doll Mascara
As I said I simply love Catrice and I think they sell really great mascaras...it fells like I´ve actually tried out ever of their mascaras during the last years haha but I was never disappointed by their quality... but the Glam& Doll one is my fav so far:)

7//Urban Decay Naked 2
I know... this is probaly a product you´ve again heard about a lot, but honestly I can 100 percent recommend it!! I got this pallet for my birthday and since than I´ve always used it if I´ve wanted my make-up to be a bit more special. What I really like about it, besides the great quality, is the fact that you can use it for a simple everyday make-up, but also for a night look!!

I really hope you enjoyed the post!! What are your favorite everyday beauty products at the moment?

06 March 2017


Who doesn´t like traveling?? Exploring new places, meeting new people, learning new words in a language, getting out of the everyday life...
When I finish school next year I definitely want to travel as much as possible before I start studying!! So yeah I thought it might be interesting to share the european places I want to see during the next years:)) Are you also interested in seeing the more international places on my list?


I´ve seen soooo many amazing vlogs and photos from iceland and
they always just fascinated me... the nature has to be really amazing and I wish to have the ability to see the northern lights one day!!


Again I´ve seen way too many amazing photos from Notting Hill and  because I´ve never been in London either, this place is also on the top of my travel list:))


I´m actually going to go to Lisbon this summer with my family and I´m super exited!! I´ve never been to Portugal before but I believe   it will be really nice to spend some warm days in this city, I mean just have a look at the photo!!


Since I´m watching Cornelia Grimsmo´s videos on YT I want to travel to Norway especially during the christmas!! I´m not goona lie but I´m unfortunately a person who freezes quite quickly, but still I want to see Norway´s beautiful nature.


Again YT made me want to travel to this place (I´m such an victim of sponsored trips and advertising hahaha)....The old buildings look soo beautiful on pictures and besides that I love to speak english which makes it even more excited for me to travel to english-speaking countries and improve my skills:)) I´m actually planning a mother-daughter trip with my mom at the moment... so fingers crossed we´ll actually fly to Edinburgh!!

Which european places do you want to see??

03 March 2017


I´m sooo happy that I can finally publish this blogpost... I honestly have no idea why it took me so long to made this post, but I really really wanted it to be an especially good one!!
Of course I´m not a success expert but I think I have some good  tips who can help everyone to achieve there goals and increase their productivity because they really helped me during the last month!!

1// The right mindset

I believe the most important thing about achieving your goals is the right attitude. Everything starts in your brain and that´s where you decide if go gonna do something and work hard or if you are lazy, that´s where you decide to choose positivity and believe in yourself and the ability to achieve your goals.

Meditation might sound kinda weird for those who never tried it and maybe it´s  not the right thing for everyone but especially during busy times it´s my No.1 thing to stay relaxed and focused.
I often just go on YT and listen to a guided meditation early in the morning or before I go to bed when nobody will disturb me.

My favorite meditations on Youtube:

//act as if you already have what you want
Okay... not gonna lie.. this might sound weird again but believe me...believing you already are who you want to be and having what you want to have will bring you sooo much closer to your goals!!
If I didn´t know who I am and somebody told me I am a straight A student I would act as one and probaly get really really good grades. Doubt is the number one thing which keeps people away from reaching their goals and this way of thinking has no space for it:))

2// Healthy lifestyle

I believe there is a strong connection between productivity. reaching goals and a healthy lifestyle. I see food as a kind of petrol for our bodys.... eat good food and you´ll have a lot of energy and it will also be easier to be productive and to concentrate. Going outside and doing sports will also make you feel a lot more energised and motivated. But what I did and what I´ll never do again is to be too strict and never eat candy even though I really wanted to... it´s all about the balance, eat your greens but also allow yourself a piece of chocolate now and than if you want to.
3// get inspired
I personally loooove Weheartit, it´s just a great app to find your inspiration but printing out some pictures which represent the lifestyle you want to have or simply inspire you, and than putting them on a board or a place in your house you pass by quiet often is also a good idea:)) It will always remember you of what you work for and where you want to (and will) be!!
4// work hard
Okay this is really obvious, but of course you have to work hard if you what to achieve something, but I think with the right attitude this step is actually not too hard because you focus on the positive and not on the possibility of failing. Of course- no matter what you work on- there will be hard times and sometimes you might fail but the most important thing is to try it over and over again.

5//get organised
Buy yourself a planner or simply use you phone to write down what you want to get done during the next days. What I really like is to devide my to do list into "must do" and "should do". I think nobody likes to have to-do-lists which never end, so I decided to only write down three things I really have to do this day and on my "should-do-list" three to five more things I could do during this day but I could also do during the next couple of days.

6//don´t forget sleep and time for yourself
Okayy I just told you to work your butt off to achieve your goals but really really don´t work too hard that it get´s unhelathy. Make sleep and a little time for yourself a priority:))

I really hope I could help and inspire you with these tips!! I finally have two weeks holidays right now so I will do my best to publish lots of posts during the next time:))